We see many CVs every day and the same mistakes are made on most of the documents we see. So we created our Tips for Great CVs.

Here is how we create a great document – you can use the same tips!


  1. DO list your achievements, not just your responsibilities. Employers want to know about your results, not just about what you were paid to do.
  2. DO use the top of the first page to sell yourself. Don’t us it for contact information. If the employer wants to contact you, they will look for your email address.
  3. DO adapt your CV for every job you apply for. Find important words in the job description and include them in your CV.
  4. DO use formatting to attract attention to the most relevant parts of your CV. Use font size, weight etc to draw the eye of the reader.
  5. DO add a small paragraph at the top of the page to summarise. This is the “headline” of the story of you! Use it to grab the interest of the reader.

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Tips for Writing Great CVs


  1. DON’T use the first person style of writing. Never include “I did” or “I was” – use third person writing instead.
  2. DON’T list every job and every responsibility in the same detail. If the job is more than 10 years ago, summarise.
  3. DON’T include hobbies unless they are directly relevant to your job application.
  4. DON’T exaggerate. Make the most of what you have done, but represent the facts honestly.
  5. DON’T use cute templates or layouts. Most CVs are now scanned and assessed by systems like ATS – fancy graphics and fonts may confused the system your CV might be discarded.

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